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Term 4 Newsletter

Click on the link to download a copy of the St John’s RC Academy 2015 term 4 newsletter.

St John’s RC Academy Awards Ceremony 2015 – By David Harrow

St John’s RC Academy again celebrated the school’s annual end of year awards ceremony on Tuesday the 23rd of June. This year’s guest speaker was the extraordinary Professor Gary McEwan. His stories about his extreme perseverance through unbelievable hardship and his incredible entrepreneurial success inspired all who attended; this included the many proud parents of worthy award winners, the senior management team, members of teaching staff, reverend fathers and a welcome visit from Mrs May. Read more

Post-results Service: What happens at St John’s RC Academy

Parents, carers and SQA candidates have been made aware of the changes to the SQA appeals system over the course of the past two years. In short, the old appeals system has changed to a ‘results service’.  This service is very different from what was previously in place.  For clarity, the school’s policy is outlined here. This policy reflects the guidance offered by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

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Information for parents/carers: access to the internet

Access to the internet, social media and online gaming are opening up a world of possibilities for our children.  As our children grow up, we need to help them to understand how to access the online world responsibly and safely. is an excellent starting point for parents and carers.  There are video guides and lots of helpful advice on the site (for parents of both primary and secondary aged pupils) – and it doesn’t assume you already know what’s available.

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Education Scotland Inspection: Progress Report to Parents

St John’s RC Academy was inspected in February 2014. The report on the inspection by her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education (HMI) was published in April 2014.  This report can be found here.

The school, with support from the Local Authority, prepared a full plan for improvement which has had a positive impact on a wide range of aspects within the school. The progress report can be found here.

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